The final stage before publication, proofreading ensures that your book is ready to be published and presented to the world. At Silverfall Books, our expert proofreaders will go through your manuscript line by line to ensure it is ready for publication. 

Proofreading with Silverfall Books


Your manuscript is finally finished: you’ve had it professionally edited and now you’re ready to publish. Don’t be too hasty – there’s one final, important step on the authorial journey. Proofreading ensures that your precious work is error-free in its final form. By choosing to use a proofreading service you can rest easy knowing that agents, publishers and readers won’t be scared away by a pesky typo or avoidable syntax mistake.

Professional proofreaders can spot all of the minor issues you and your beta-readers may have missed. Sometimes it’s as simple as a repeated article or pronoun, or drifting punctuation. Often, words are erroneously auto-corrected by overzealous word processing software. Perhaps your character’s name has changed, but you’ve missed several instances with the original name. Little mistakes can add up to create a bad first impression for your manuscript. 

Our Final Draft Proofreading service is designed to catch all of these tiny faults and flaws in your otherwise fantastic final draft. Our proofreading team, like our editors, are experienced in both fiction and non-fiction, and are committed to presenting you with an error-free manuscript. After that, it’s up to you to get it out into the world!

What do we offer?

  • In-depth line-by-line proofreading of your final draft manuscript
  • Comprehensive error correction including spelling, grammatical errors and typing mistakes
  • Revision tracking enabling the author to view all of our changes 
  • Marketing advice including the option of featuring your finished novel on our webpage

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