At Silverfall Books we offer a variety of different services.

Book Covers

Our in-house cover designers are committed to creating beautiful book covers to order. Our covers are eye-catching, intriguing and full of intricate detail; just like your novel!

Our designers employ a variety of styles to create your perfect book cover, from photorealism to the abstract. You can browse some sample book covers here, and find out exactly how to get started on your own book cover. 


If you’re looking for illustrations for your upcoming bestseller, children’s book or graphic novel you’ve come to the right place. Our illustrator has worked with a wide variety of authors, companies and non-profit organisations. She’s professional, versatile and passionatee about literature. 

For more information about our illustration packages and commission-based projects, please click here.



At Silverfall Books we offer a proofreading service to ensure your beloved novel is ready for publication. Our proofreaders are diligent, experienced and passionate readers. 

We also provide academic proofreading options, including PhD papers and scientific journals. Click here to discover our full range of proofreading services.



If you’re a first time author or you have some doubts about your latest book, you may wish to use our editing service. Our editors have decades of publishing experience and a keen eye for a good book. They excel at condensing dense manuscripts into publishable works.

Our editing service is open to both fiction and non-fiction writers. Editing is an intensive process, so make sure you’ve read our guidelines before submitting your manuscript. You can find out more about our editing service here.



Perhaps one of the most overlooked aspects of writing is marketing. Marketing can be the difference between your book becoming an overnight sensation or an expensive flop. At Silverfall Books, our marketing team can help you through the post-publication process. 

Our content-based digital marketing packages are ideal for self-publishing authors who would like the benefits of working with a major publishing house. We can help you to gain valuable exposure and match you with your perfect readerbase. 

For more information about our marketing packages and support, click here.



This is a specialist service for public figures or those who wish to have a book published in their name. Our resident ghostwriter is an experienced novellist who has worked in both the publishing and advertising industries. Our ghostwriter is adept at working with clients to create an engaging, popular book.

For more information about our ghostwriting service please click here.



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