Publishing a book is an exciting adventure. It requires a great deal of patience, courage and stamina. In order to ensure all your hard work is rewarded by a swarm of avid readers, it can be worthwhile to invest in a marketing campaign. Our marketing team can help to prepare you for publication and support you after the process is complete, helping you to gain the adulation your work deserves.

Marketing with Silverfall Books


Writers are experts at putting words on the page and creating something worth reading. Many authors, however, find selling themselves quite difficult. How do you identify a marketable persona? 

Our marketing team excel at selecting your customer-friendly attributes and magnifying them. With a wealth of experience, they will help you to create a marketing plan, including pre-publication, post-publication and, for self-published authors, a sales strategy. 

If you opt for our specialist marketing package, we’ll handle your social media presence, ensuring you gain valuable exposure across all the primary platforms.

If you’d like to publish through Silverfall Books, you’ll gain access to all of our marketing features, as well as a few exclusive elements. Take a look at our publishing page for further details.



What do we offer?

  • Pre-publishing support including a marketing plan
  • Post-publication support 
  • Access to our author network 
  • A social media personal assitant included with our specialist plan

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