One of the most difficult parts of writing is editing your novel. Some writers choose to attempt the process themselves, but it can be a painful and time-consuming experience. 


Silverfall Books employs expert editors to peruse your manuscript carefully and make all necessary corrections and changes. Many of our editors are published authors, and know the writing world inside out. We share your goal – to make your book the best it can be, and to prepare it for publishing.

Editing with Silverfall Books


Whether you’re writing a novel, a collection of short stories, a non-fiction book or an autobiography, the feeling of finishing your manuscript is incredible. Months – or years of hard work culminating in a completed book, ready to be printed and shared with an eager readership. However, finishing your first draft is just one step on a journey to publication.

The publishing market is increasingly competitive, and standing out from the crowd is becoming more and more difficult. Fortunately, help is at hand. At Silverfall Books, our experienced book editors will ensure that your beloved masterpiece is polished and presented in its best form. Our editing package is suitable for authors who are planning on self-publishing, as well as those who have secured a deal with a publishing house.

Silverfall Books is an online publishing house founded by writers, for writers. We understand the creative process inside out, and we adore books in all shapes and sizes. We are committed to providing you with support throughout your journey to publication. We want you – and your book – to be successful, and with that in mind, we have assembled a generous and comprehensive editing package.

Our Full Manuscript Editing service is a combination of copy editing, line editing and manuscript critique. Our fiction editors focus on literary elements such as characterisation, plot, structure and dialogue. Non-fiction editing involves a review of organisation and presentation of arguments, clarity and concision of prose and appropriate register. All manuscripts are carefully evaluated and any potential issues, whether stylistic or mechanical, are raised with the author. Our feedback is always constructive; the author may choose whether or not to act upon the advice of our editors!

What do we offer?

  • In-depth line-by-line editing of your manuscript to ensure that it is clear, well-organised and engaging
  • Error corrections including spelling, grammatical errors and typing mistakes
  • Revision tracking enabling the author to view all of our changes 
  • Manuscript critical commentary from our critical team, including advice on structure, form and style
  • Beta Reading Support through the raising of potential issues that the author may not be aware of with the manuscript
  • Marketing advice including the option of featuring your finished novel on our webpage

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